Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The McPoem

A poem is eternal, defies space and time
Essentially composed of rhythm, meter and rhyme
But if neglecting such elements would be just fine
Tell me, wouldn’t that be a crime? I moan and whine

Like a poem it has vital constituents
Shameful if hormones needed are secreted not
Wondering how food tastes with improper ingredients
Adenohypophysis maintain your balance, don’t let me rot

You need growth hormone to be strong and tall
But too much of which is abominable
And when releasing hormones goes upon
ACTH and TSH would go out for fun.                                            

LH and FSH go hand in hand
To develop a boy to become a man
Meanwhile, production of milk from mammary gland
Stimulated by Prolactin, favorite hormone of TAN

Altogether, I’ll mention them once more
Now all those H’s make my eyes sore
‘cause the only “H” I favor is the bill RH.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Endocrinology.Toxicology.Drug testing

-Is a body of science that deals with the study of hormones’ role in metabolism, respiration, excretion, movement, reproduction, and sensory perception through chemical cues.

-The study of adverse effects of drugs, herbals and chemicals on the human body.

Drug Testing
-The use of laboratory methodologies for the detection of traces abused drugs from the patient.